Star Wars Rogue One at Rycom Movie theater

Gonna be honest, the movie ticket prizes in Japan are pretty savage. 1700¥ for a ticket. No matter what time or movie. If you want to enjoy 3D it’s even more, 1900¥. But seriously: it was worth it seeing the new Star Wars movie!! It was great! Go check it out, if you are contemplating on going. I looked for an eigakan (jpn for movie theater) that played it in English with Japanese subs so I would be able to understand everything and Rycom mall had a showing at night. Didn’t regret spending the money! 

Is Batman vs Superman worth it? Review without Spoilers!!!!

 I went yesterday. I spent 1700¥ on a movie ticket and 450¥ on snacks at the movies. And what I got was a Dawn of Justice folder and a 2 1/2 hour movie that let everybody down so far who was anticipating it.

Why did I go? Because I wanted to see it for myself! I have been deceived by the public opinion so often I am sick of just believing the stuff on the net or even what my friends told me about how they liked or disliked certain movies. Example: Everyone was raving about Antman and I thought it was so boring. 

And now hands down, without spoilers: it was not a terrible movie. Yes, it was no Captain America: Winter Soldier but it was also no Daredevil.

The movie especially targets DC Fans and since I have seen a few DC based shows like Smallville, Arrow, Flash and the such, I recognized many characters but for someone who has not read the comics, the connections might be hard to grasp. 

To be honest, at times I wasn’t sure what was going on. I thought that it might be because my native language is not English and there were only Japaneae subtitles. But I don’t think that was the problem. The movie moves fast and there is hardly time for character or conflict development. Batman and Superman don’t even interact for the better part of the movie. 

The Ben Affleck issue

That poor man has had probably his hardest year in a long time, since people were outraged he got the role as Bruce Wayne. I personally don’t like his acting but I have to say he convinces in this movie. He plays an older Bruce Wayne who has already fought for 20 some years as Batman. And I liked the scenes where he was just Bruce Wayne. He looks kinda chunky in his Batman suit, but I heard that that intended to let him look bulky to match Superman.

All in all, I don’t regret going. I was getting sick of people telling me it wasn’t a good movie. It was not the best movie they could have made: but not the worst either. 

If you are a fan and have seen all the previous movies, go and watch it: see for yourself. If you are very picky with your movies, I would suggest you wait to rent it or catch it on a plane some time.

Book: The Dreamworld of a Shopaholic 

After finding the second book of this series for 50¥ at a recycle store I got the first book on iBooks, too! I thought  the second book was fun but I gotta say, I love the first book of the series: The Dreamworld of a Shopaholic 

The story: Book 1 introduces you to Rebecca Bloomwood who works for the financial paper Sucessful Savings but rather reluctantly does her job. It is a greater joy for her to go shopping and to spend her money on nice clothes make-up and things she actually doesn’t really need. She is supposed to be pro with money but has maneuvered herself into a rather tight position with her bank. She has depts, constant calls from her bank manager and spins a world of excuses to avoid the dept collectors. More over she comes in contact with handsome PR Company boss Luke Brandon who soon becomes her direst enemy when one of her articles attacks one of his clients. 

The writing style is so refreshing and funny, I haven’t read an entertaining novel like that in a while. I am so much into Fantasy recently that I forget how fun other types of novels are.

Reading… Reading

As you can see it is way to late to start my new book The Giver, the book series my friend let me borrow. It is the quartet, all 4 books in 700 pages of The giver, written by Lois Lowry. I’m excited! 

Leo and his Oscar 

No more Leo-wants-an-Oscar-joke. I’m sure you guys have heard he won his first one after being nominated 6 times. The Revenant brought him to his goal: An Oscar for Best Actor.

Congratulations, Leo! You deserve it!

Star Wars VI in Japan

Japan is usually behind on releasing American movies but not with Star Wars. I went the other night and watched it with my friends. It was in English with Japanese subs. I really liked the movie! It was simple but it was good.


So many speculate who Rey really is and I gotta agree with those that go away from what was obviously hinted in the movie. I don’t think she is Luke’s daughter. It think there is some kind of twist in the next movie. I feel like Po (the pilot) could be Luke’s son. He is the best pilot in the resistance (like Anakin and Luke) and he owns a droid (like Anakin and Luke). And he didn’t die when the plane crashed. When he reappeared I was like: hey, wait a second, he didn’t die in the crash and is still in the movie?
Back to Rey: She could be Kailo Ren’s twin sister. Han and Lea do have twins in another version of Star Wars (I think it was a comic) and Twins run in the family. What do you guys think? 

A friend of mine said it’s basically clear, who Finn is. Lando’s son. I don’t know Lando’s story well and I am so so about it.

Have you seen the movie? Do you like it? 

Star Wars 7 Boom in Japan

Japan awaits the new Star Wars movie. Don’t we all have great hopes for it, especially because JJ Abrams directed it and the old actors seem to be back? I will definately go watch it! Japan even has put out lots of merch to celebrate the upcoming event.  


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