Music: Kyle & Devin

I’m obsessed with their music, guys! I wish they’d bring out an album! Spotify doesn’t work here in Japan- so I literally can’t get their new song compass other than on YouTube. I hope they put it on iTunes soon. 


Walk the Moon


My new favorite Band! Dance- Indie- Rock! I found them today and have been listening to them all day!


Hi guys,

Chris Daughtry is one of my favorite music artists. He is American and quite known in the states. I forgot how I found out about him but I fell in love with his music. I love K-pop a lot but I my first love was and is Rock. I listen to a lot of Pop rock too, sometimes Punk and Grunge but the Music Chris Daughtry makes is my favorite kind. Check out his new album if you like!

A good song that cheers you up

I found this song a few weeks ago and I love listening to it!