Good nail polish idea!


I’m excited to try this!


New nail polish #3


So today it’s sliver! The color is alright: not too bright, that’s good! And it dried super fast!

Btw, I will open up two new categories I will be writing about! Super excited about that!

A normal thursday…

Well this is just a little update. I am already thinking about the Do & Don’t #5 post! It will be a lot shorter than the last one, but still involve table manners!

I am prepping for work tomorrow right now- getting kinda distracted. I am tired today and I hope I can get my work goin today- It will be a long day tomorrow and on Saturday at work, so I try to get stuff done now that I cannot prep on the weekend.

Well, I didn’t have time for new nail polish yet but I am carrying around my nail care oil and put it on my nails whenever I have time!


Purple nails

I took this one off this morning! I like purple but not really the sparkly kinds! My nails need a rest- the toenails also! I don’t really like my feet so it took me some courage to upload a picture of my toenails!

I hope you guys have an awesome day! What’s my day going to look like? Cooking for lunch and then back to my class preps. Tonight all of my friends and I will be having a little party- I will keep you updated on that one! It will be really Japanese!!!


Nails rest

My nails need a lil nail polish rest. Excited to put some new color on them in a few days! Oh yeah, it’s my day off today! I’m resting a bit. I answered some emails students sent me earlier, though. I went to the Post Office to get some money out and looked at some stuff we might need for the house. I found a cheap toaster that me and two other girls from my dorm might get!


Nailpolish #2

Love this one! Put it on right before I walked to work! It dried on the way! The color is cute, too!


I love Nailpolish


Well I’m trying out all the different nail polishes a lady has donated to our dorm. First one: almost empty and smells kinda funky. But I like the color!