My first Butter Beer

I visited the Warner Brothers Studios in London and joined the Harry Potter Tour. Here I had my first Butter Beer and I enjoyed it very much, even though the taste is not really my thing. It’s like very sweet but watered down Ginger Ale with Whip Cream on top.


Madame Tussaud’s at Baker Street- London

I have already visited Madame Tussaud’s in Hong Kong but the one in London was a lot better. I even had the chance to join the Star Wars adventure!

London | One trip is never enough

I walked a marathon in 3 days. Through London. 44km in total. London was such a wonderful and exciting city and I feel like I haven’t seen much of it yet. I want to go back! Always wanted to see the city for myself. 

London here I come…

Im so exited! I’m going to visit London next week. My friend was a bit worried because of Brexit (the Brits voted on leaving the EU) and that she couldn’t travel to England anymore without a passport (I chuckled… We are going next week and Brexit might take years).

I will be visiting the Warner Studios, Madame Tussaud’s and the London Dungeon! It will be sooooooo much fun!

Cold brew at Starbucks blows my mind

I’m in Germany right now with my Japanese friends and I’m super stoked to take them around. I went to a Starbucks in Frankfurt for a break and they had Cold Brew coffee there. It was so delicious, I was astonished. The coffee tasted so much different and had a lot of flavor! I hope they bring cold brew to Starbucks in Japan!

Beautiful Tel Aviv

Israel is amazing. The weather is stunning! On top of that I am enjoying great fellowship, food and adventures. It is nice being back at the Mediterranean Sea, too! Lots of childhood memories!!!

When you travel, you grow

It is so easy to just sit back and relax and do nothing with your day. I love a day of rest like any other. 

But since I travel the world I have understood that knowledge is indeed power. Traveling gives you knowledge of the world and it increases the power and self control you have on yourself. As you see the cities fly by beneath you and the different people of various cultures greet you, you realize how small your own world is.

Your neighborhood appears tiny and even bland, the things you eat, wear and like are just a glimpse of the vast variety of products all over the world. 

Seeing the world frees you to see yourself in a different light and in comparison to everyone else on this planet. It leaves you in awe and it excites you like nothing else.

I would not trade it for any other thing.

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