TV Show: The Office 

My friend told me to check out the American version of The office. I started watching it and I really got sucked into it. Some of the episodes are definitely better than others. I’m not a big fan of some of the scenes they portray but all in all I really like the humor. 


The 5 Thanksgiving fails of a European

Okay so Thanksgiving is almost over. At last the one we celebrated today here in Okinawa. I know, right now Americans all over the world get ready for their super awesome feast. We also had super yummy Turkey, Ham and many other great sides at our celebration.

But what would a great holiday be without fails?

1. No clue

As a European I have no clue how this holiday works. Or how you prepare a turkey, or how to cut one. I basically failed in the American kitchen struggle. Oops. Gotta educate myself more.

2. Breaking the wishbone

I committed the greatest of Thanksgiving sins. As I was clumsily cutting the bird I found but broke the wishbone and ruined the “ceremony”. 

3. Overstuffed 

I ate so much I don’t know how to function anymore. Ahhhh, I always do this! It was hard to breathe or stand at a point. 

5. Cut on a ladle

I thought cleanup would be something I could be good at. Apparently not. I cut myself on a cheap ladle. On a ladle! Who cuts his finger on a ladle? I do apparently…

 Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Share with me your personal Thanksgiving fails!


Okinawa trip




Check out the beauty of Okinawa! Okinawa is the most southern prefecture of Japan and is known to be the most Americanized part of the country because of all the military bases down there. We took a trip to Nago, Okinawa’s north to visit friends. Check out the beautiful sky and the awesome Milk tea I picked up at the store.

Thanksgiving BBQ

I’m not American but I have American friends so I celebrated with them today for their thanksgiving tradition. We have limited resources here in Japan to get turkey and gravy and stuff, even though a Costco is nearby. We don’t have money to make a huge American meal so we just got chicken and marinated it on Soy sauce, Sesame seeds, garlic and so on. It was so delicious!

A friend gave us gravy packets and canned cranberry sauce (the Americans loved it) and we had some Costco cheesecake and apple pie.