Parfum: 007 James Bond for Women

I’m obsessed with this Perfume. I was at a drug store and heard girls talk about this perfume, saying that it was so great and that they loved it: so I took a sample and carried the sample strip around with me all day. And when I smelled at it at night time the scent was still so warm and full, I had to get it for myself, even though I am also obsessed with the Christina Aguilera series of perfumes. 


My prejudices against Japanese Make up removers 

Let me be honest here. I the 6 years I’ve lived in Japan I always got my make up remover and cleansers from Europe or Korea. I didn’t really have faith in the liquids here that you just rubbed on and then your make up is supposed to disappear. I always had the make up remover on cotton water and rubbed away away and away. 

Then my friend let me try this Japanese make up remover, promising that this would completely take away all my eye makeup. I wear quite a lot of mascara and I am used to the fact that it never fully disappears unless I was my face thoroughly.

She told me to but this gel-like fluid on my hands and to rub on my dry skin and over my eyes. I was really skeptical at first. When I rubbed this gel on my face and over my eyes I could feel the dry mascara crumble. I washed my eyes well with it and then rinsed my skin and my hands. I was so blown away, it really took everything off! 

The next day I had to get one for myself. It was a bit pricy, 500¥, which is a lot for me because I usually only pay half for make up removers from Drugstores in Germany but this is definitely worth the prize!

Primark Ps Love Eau de toilette


I found this Eau the toilette at Primark. I love the scent. It was only a few Euro. There were other scents but this one was the best. I don’t think it lasts a long time. The few times I always wore it, it wore off pretty quickly. It’s sad when you have a good scent and it doesn’t last. But this one is just an Eau the toilette and not a parfum. So all’ good! 

Second eye lids

You would never even think that “not having a second eyelid” would be a serious issue in anybodies life. Here in Asia it is. People even get eye surgery to get the second eyelid. If you don’t have money for that you can also buy stuff at the 100¥ store to fake a second eyelid.


An awesome Christmas present

Remember my obsession with Beauty products and Doctor Who? Here comes a Doctor who pun that fit perfectly! “Moisturize me!”

My obsession #9: Facial beauty products

A girly thing, I know ;). I got this toner from Korea when I visited Daejeon a few months ago. Like the a lot!

Purple nails

I took this one off this morning! I like purple but not really the sparkly kinds! My nails need a rest- the toenails also! I don’t really like my feet so it took me some courage to upload a picture of my toenails!

I hope you guys have an awesome day! What’s my day going to look like? Cooking for lunch and then back to my class preps. Tonight all of my friends and I will be having a little party- I will keep you updated on that one! It will be really Japanese!!!


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