Okinawan Folklore | The Ryukyu Kingdom’s kings…


Hi guys,

have you heard of the ancient folklores revolving around the Ryukyu kings of Okinawa? Here is an article I wrote, about the ancient stories revolving around the Goddess that came down to Ryukyu and was forced to marry…

It’s  on, a Japanese/English travelblog. Check it out.



Starbucks Tea Latte

A stop by the glorious Starbucks. Oh, and the Tea Latte was so good! I got the English Breakfast kind. I know they mix them after a recipe but I usually manage to mess them up badly with adding a bunch of sugar and milk. But this time I didn’t add anything and it was just perfect! 

When I travel to China I always tell the guys at the Starbucks there to make my sweet tea extra sweet. Because the Chinese don’t sweeten the tea as much as they do here. I don’t know why but that’s what I found.

So it was a very good study session at Starbucks today. How was your guys’ day?