Christmas on a tropical island

Check out this article about Christmas on Okinawa, if you are thinking about a little winter trip to Japan or if you are interested in what there is to do on a tropical island in December.


Tv series: Smallville

Christmas is here!!!! And I am done with watching Smallville. It was a long run but I think I will count this series among my top five most favorite Tv Shows. Seasons 5-7 weren’t that great but when more DC heros and villains were appearing and Lana Lang was finally out of the picture I started to enjoy it again. They did write the show well. It kept you watching. 


I was bummed when Pa Kent died. I didn’t wanna believe he was gone for quite a while. It was hard on Clark. I liked how the series ended though and that Clark found a close friend in Oliver Queen. I’m always a fan of Green Arrow and I’m excited that he stayed until the end. For a time Clark was just surrounded by girls- especially when Pete decided to move and Lex turned (completely) bad. So it was good seeing him with some company- especially from the Justice leage and the watch tower gang. 

My favorite episode wa probably when Clark got teleported into his own future. It was fun to see how he would turn out and that it gave him hope.

So what’s next? I’m definately hooked on Superhero shows so I think I will try the series Arrow next. I got introduced to Green Arrow through Smallville for th first time so I want to check out his story.

I wish you all a great Christmas! I hope you have a great time with friends and family! 

Christmas Eve… Starts like any other day or worse

A holiday is what you make of it: if your Christmas Eve starts crazy, kinda like mine, there is not much you can change about it. You can just change your attitude towards it. 

It was hot this morning: no sunshine, just hot! Humid like in the fall and it was raining. My workout was a pain, I was not legit sweating but just felt damp and hot. Okinawa rules…

 As I was getting ready to head out I was already feeling rushed. The morning progressed and became more demanding we had some troubles with our roof and had to call people to repair it. 

In the middle of all this I was thinking: is this how Christmas Eve is supposed to be like? I thought back to my childhood in Germany where Christmas always was without troubles and my only worry was, if I would get the right toys for presents. 

If your Christmas Eve is also crazy, remember this: the holidays are what you make of it. Slow down, sit down, enjoy the moment. Christmas comes around just once a year. Your advent calendar is all used up- this is what you have been waiting for, for weeks! Make the best of what life hands you. 

If life gives you lemons, keep them! Lemons are expensive! ;) At least here in Japan.

Merry Christmas everyone! 

An early Christmas present: A Soda Stream

Okay so with the Yankee candle another present arrived for us. A Soda Stream. You guys, a Soda Stream!!! I am so excited! Carbonated water is so expensive here (3-4 times more expedience than in Germany) and I used to live off of this stuff! I miss carbonated water (fizzy water, club soda… However you want to call it) so much! And now I can have strong club soda whenever I want!

Approaching Christmas

 I just got out of the busy days and now enjoy my holidays. I’m still working here and there but mainly have free time which is super nice. A friend of mine gave me and the girls a Yankee candle. It smells so good! We light it now and then to get into the Christmas mood. I drink Christmas spiced teas and listen to Christmas music around the clock to embrace the season. Okinawa itself is not very Christmassy so you gotta make the best out of it!

Feeling English this Christmas 

You don’t know what a joy it is to drink tea out of a tea cup until you live in Asia or America. The other day I attended an English Christmas tea party and felt really European again. Look at the cute cup! I wish I had one for myself!



“Oldtimers”- the best Dutch licorice 

 My parents sent me this for Christmas! My favorite Dutch licorice. It’s super strong and flavorful. This will bring me through many weeks here in Japan where I don’t have access to European goods.

Have you ever tried licorice? Do you like it?

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