Okinawan Folklore | The Ryukyu Kingdom’s kings…


Hi guys,

have you heard of the ancient folklores revolving around the Ryukyu kings of Okinawa? Here is an article I wrote, about the ancient stories revolving around the Goddess that came down to Ryukyu and was forced to marry…

It’s  on, a Japanese/English travelblog. Check it out.



Okinawa trip




Check out the beauty of Okinawa! Okinawa is the most southern prefecture of Japan and is known to be the most Americanized part of the country because of all the military bases down there. We took a trip to Nago, Okinawa’s north to visit friends. Check out the beautiful sky and the awesome Milk tea I picked up at the store.

Stung by a fire coral in Japan



I was swimming around Easter in Japan and walked right into one of these. At first I didn’t know this was a fire choral. I thought a jelly fish had stung me. Later on I found this picture on the net and realized, that it had brushed me in the water. I swam in the East China sea and felt something burning in my foot and leg. I felt something hard, like a plant touching me. The burn was pretty painful for a few hours.