Wistful perfume is strangely comforting…

For some reason this new perfume my mom gave me is very comforting. The scent is mild and light but feminine and elegant. It’s from France. I wonder where I know it from.


I stand with Paris

Many of you are shocked to hear about the things that happened in Paris. As a European and neighbor to the French I want to express my deepest Mitgefühl (I don’t know the English word for it and I want to express how I feel about this terror attack in the right manner). I am so sorry and shocked. I stand with France. Be strong in this difficult time and know that we are praying for you.
~~ Lisa ~~


Childhood memories! I used to drink that in France when I was little all the time!!! I found it here and it tastes legit! It’s flavored water. This one is Apple!


Watching soccer at 1am at night

I watched the Germany- France game this morning at 1am online even though I was super tired. I woke up at 9 so I got a good night of 5h sleep still. That’s pretty good! The World Cup is going on right now and I gotta watch it at night since I’m in Japan now.





Soooooooo random!


Haha. I saw this when a friend pulled it out after he got it from the French orangina that Japan sells here. That’s do random!