A free Japanese class in Okinawa

Hi everyone! 

Check out this Blog post about improving your life and integration into the community though learning the language! It’s so vital to be a part of what’s going on around you through learning Japanese when living in Japan. 


A Ramen Stadium

Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been posting for a while. I was trying to get over my sickness. I’m still a bit ill but hopefully getting better soon. Meanwhile: here is an article I published on the blog Taiken about the Ramen Stadium in Fukuoka. I hope you like Ramen, I wrote lots and lots about it!

The Ramen Stadium in Fukuoka

The best Fried Chicken in Fukuoka

If you ever have the chance to come around this store in Shingu Fukuoka (right by the HalloDay market), go and try one! They are just 55¥ a piece and the most delicious Fried Chicken I ever had. This Karage beats all! It’s seasoned with ginger and garlic. Really delicious!

MK Shabu Shabu restaurant 

Today’s lunch was incredible! We went to a Shabu Shabu restaurant. It’s called MK and is located in Shingu, Fukuoka- right by the station. It cost about 1600¥ and was soooo worth it. Shabu Shabu is a Nabe dish. Soup is boiled in a pot and different ingredients are added, cooked and eaten. Love it!

NYX makeup spotted in Japan 

My day just got better! I found NYX makeup in Fukuoka. 

IKEA breakfast 

As you might know: I live in Fukuoka and we have an IKEA here. I got the 2,99¥ breakfast. It was pretty good! Drink bar was included!

Ice cream in a Hot dog bun





Wow, this is the weirdest ice cream combo I ever had. Vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce in a hot dog bun. from Ikea

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