Clinique saves my hurting skin

Say what you want about prices but investing in a Clinique moisturizing lotion really pays off. I’m in Israel and the air is dry compared to Okinawa. My skin has a hard time adjusting and is really itchy, dry and red. I used this lotion from Clinque on my legs and the skin immediately moisturized and got better. I’m still not all there but at least the itchiness stopped 


300¥ Curry lunch at ‘Pocket Money’

Do you like Japaneaw curry? It yes, this is the place for you. Okinawa has its own curry restaurant chain named Pocket Money. You can pay with your pocket change for the dishes, means you will get a lot for small money. 

Yesterday Pocket money celebrated 5 years of business and served Indo curry for 300¥.  It was so good! 



What every country really needs: Milk tea 

Seriouly? How can milk tea just be an Asian thing? It’s sooooo good. I had Milk tea in Hong Kong- wow! From another world!!!!! Asians are truly the masters of tea!
My favorite Japanese brand is the Lipton one. The regular Milk tea is great and I even found Banana Milk tea in Kagoshima. But I’m not a big fan of Banana flavored milk. Sorry, my Korean fans! I know, it’s big in Kakoku!

But when I dropped off one of my students at the airport I found Royal tea latte with mint at the Family mart there. And that is literally the BEST Milk tea I ever had. I’m not a fan of mint at all but the taste is so subtle that it even completements the taste of the milk tea!

A friend told me a few weeks ago that the difference between Milk tea and Royal milk tea is that they boil the milk with the tea when making Royal. Normal milk tea us the milk added later. Wow, didn’t know that!

Long story short: loved it! Wish I had it here in Okinawa!

Japanese Takoyaki

I made Japanwaw octopus balls with my friends the other day and they were delicious. we put little steak meat pieces in a few of them, too. Not very Japanese but very yum!

Christina Aguilera Parfum 


My Sisters gave this to me for my birthday, I love it! It smells so good!

Primark Ps Love Eau de toilette


I found this Eau the toilette at Primark. I love the scent. It was only a few Euro. There were other scents but this one was the best. I don’t think it lasts a long time. The few times I always wore it, it wore off pretty quickly. It’s sad when you have a good scent and it doesn’t last. But this one is just an Eau the toilette and not a parfum. So all’ good! 

German bread with cheese


Mhm…. Yummy. Look what I found around here. A friend blessed me with it!

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