A free Japanese class in Okinawa

Hi everyone! 

Check out this Blog post about improving your life and integration into the community though learning the language! It’s so vital to be a part of what’s going on around you through learning Japanese when living in Japan. 


Kanji practice





One of my friends is licensed to teach the art of Kanji calligraphy. It’s a cool art and super relaxing. I wrote Ajisai, which is my favorite flower!



Sad truth: Japanese are not the best in English. It’s funny to go on the look out for j-English! English that is misspelled or grammatically wrong! Can you see the mistake in this picture?

Like a Boss

My Japanese is far from fluent, even though I lived here for 4 years now. But I live in a Japanese/ American environment, so it is a lot harder to learn Japanese if you speak English all day.

I looked up what “Like a boss” means in Japanese and confirmed what I found with one of the girls that live in my dorm!

“Bosu no yona” is how you say “Like a boss” in Japanese.

She laughed XD