Tv series: Smallville

Christmas is here!!!! And I am done with watching Smallville. It was a long run but I think I will count this series among my top five most favorite Tv Shows. Seasons 5-7 weren’t that great but when more DC heros and villains were appearing and Lana Lang was finally out of the picture I started to enjoy it again. They did write the show well. It kept you watching. 


I was bummed when Pa Kent died. I didn’t wanna believe he was gone for quite a while. It was hard on Clark. I liked how the series ended though and that Clark found a close friend in Oliver Queen. I’m always a fan of Green Arrow and I’m excited that he stayed until the end. For a time Clark was just surrounded by girls- especially when Pete decided to move and Lex turned (completely) bad. So it was good seeing him with some company- especially from the Justice leage and the watch tower gang. 

My favorite episode wa probably when Clark got teleported into his own future. It was fun to see how he would turn out and that it gave him hope.

So what’s next? I’m definately hooked on Superhero shows so I think I will try the series Arrow next. I got introduced to Green Arrow through Smallville for th first time so I want to check out his story.

I wish you all a great Christmas! I hope you have a great time with friends and family! 


Smallville: Clark & Lex

So I have recently started watching Smallville and I really like it. I heard the show drops a bit in season 6 but I am still in season 3 and I really like it.

I think the writing is very good and real. Even though the story stays in Smallville right now, it still progresses. Clark is the hero, but not without flaws, same with the other characters on the show.

What gets me, is how Clark is constantly lying to protect his secret. And I get it: he needs to do it, in order to stay hidden. Lex and him are supposedly best friends and you see them come to each other’s aid and worry about each other. But they deceive each other in almost every episode. They are not open with each other and lie so often! Maybe that will be the reason for them to become arch enemies one day. 

The dynamic makes the show very interesting though, so I am excited to see how it progresses.