Wistful perfume is strangely comforting…

For some reason this new perfume my mom gave me is very comforting. The scent is mild and light but feminine and elegant. It’s from France. I wonder where I know it from.


I found ‘Essence’ make up in Japan!

 Look at this beautiful summery blush I found! Essence is a German brand (I think… That’s what it says on the back of the products) but I found it in a Japanese import store. The prize was even a bit better than in Germany, probably because of the high taxes in the homeland. 

My prejudices against Japanese Make up removers 

Let me be honest here. I the 6 years I’ve lived in Japan I always got my make up remover and cleansers from Europe or Korea. I didn’t really have faith in the liquids here that you just rubbed on and then your make up is supposed to disappear. I always had the make up remover on cotton water and rubbed away away and away. 

Then my friend let me try this Japanese make up remover, promising that this would completely take away all my eye makeup. I wear quite a lot of mascara and I am used to the fact that it never fully disappears unless I was my face thoroughly.

She told me to but this gel-like fluid on my hands and to rub on my dry skin and over my eyes. I was really skeptical at first. When I rubbed this gel on my face and over my eyes I could feel the dry mascara crumble. I washed my eyes well with it and then rinsed my skin and my hands. I was so blown away, it really took everything off! 

The next day I had to get one for myself. It was a bit pricy, 500¥, which is a lot for me because I usually only pay half for make up removers from Drugstores in Germany but this is definitely worth the prize!

Foundation flair

Hey guys, I wanted to take some time and share my makeup experiences with you! 

Artistry balancing Foundation

I love this foundation! My mom got it for me and I used it all up now. It covers well but is a bit too light for the summer: I live on a tropical island and I get tan quick. In the fall and winter this one is perfect. Below you can see how it looks on my face  after I added concealer and setting powder. The second pic below is me with my full make up on (and a bit more depth!)

Let me know if you are interested in a makeup video. I would love to make one! 


P2 Ultra Matt 24hours Foundation

I got this one from Germany and I can only use this when I am tanned. It’s too dark to put on my face like this. Sometimes when I want to look a bit tanner than I am, I mix this with a lighter color to give my skin a darker tone. I have only used this in the summer when I was sweating like crazy so I don’t know if it really lasts 24h. Who would want to wear cakey make up 24h anyways?

Revlon Colorstay Foundation

This is my Japanese alternative. It costs 20 bucks (2100¥). I usually don’t spend that much on makeup. The Artistry Make up costs more but it was a gift. The P2 foundation from Germany  was about 5€. But in Japan make up is expensive and I don’t really have a choice if when I run out of my lighter foundation. I tried quite a lot of foundations at the drug store and this one fit my skin tone perfectly. I really like this one even though the prize is whammy.  

P2 All in one Professional compact Foundation

This is my quick and easy kit when I don’t have time in the mornings or need to refresh my makeup. It’s okay, honestly. It is pretty thick and cakey so it’s not my first choice. But it’s great on the go.  



Boulevard Make-up set

My love!!! Since I got it this summer in Germany I haven’t used it much because of the heat here in the south of Japan. The humidity makes the summer almost unbearable and you really can’t wear a lot of makeup. But the September is a bit cooler now and I can do more with make up without dying as I put it on or sweating it off in the very half hour after I leave the house. I love the colors. I do more than wig the Reds but I want to try the blue and purple shades too! 



NYX makeup spotted in Japan 

My day just got better! I found NYX makeup in Fukuoka.