Book review: Warm Bodies (No spoilers)

Even though I am not a big Gore fan, I do like Zombie apocalypse books and movies if they are not too scary. I started reading Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion and it was good! I would definitely be interested in watching the movie, even though I heard it’s not as good as the book. Warm Bodies portays the Zombie apocalypse from the un-dead’s side. A Zombie named “R” meets a girl named Julie and falls in love with her. A pretty interesting story. Check it out!


Book Review: Shopaholic takes Manhatten


Maybe you remember from earlier posts that I found this book for 50¥ at a Japansse recycle store and I grabbed it because it was cheap and the movie Confessions of a shopaholic is like my favorite chick flick movie. But honestly I was doubting that I would finish it. I usually read more fantasy and fiction and romance novels are sometimes too tiring because I read night before going to bed and can’t relax if there is emotional drama going on in the story I am reading.

But I finished the book and really liked it! It is the second book in the Shopaholic series and takes place months after the first movie (which mixes elements from all of the books). It was interesting that the books actually take place in England, not in New York, as the movie displays it. 

Sophie Kinsella’s writing style is so good! It pulls you in right away. I even got the first book and the third book out of the series off of IBooks because I want to read more out of the Shopaholic series. And it wasn’t too much drama in the book so it was nice to read at night. I even felt with Becky, as she was going on her shopping trips and contemplates in her head how to justify her shopping spree.

Star Wars 7 Boom in Japan

Japan awaits the new Star Wars movie. Don’t we all have great hopes for it, especially because JJ Abrams directed it and the old actors seem to be back? I will definately go watch it! Japan even has put out lots of merch to celebrate the upcoming event.  


Movie Review: Jurrasic world

Have you guys seen the new Jurrasic World movie yet with Chris Pratt? It is coming out here in Japan soon but I already saw it in Germany. I went in twice. Once by myself because I thought nobody wanted to come with me and then again on my birthday because I wanted to see it again and my sister and my friend wanted to see it too.

It is not the greatest movie ever made (I mean there are three prequels to it…), but for a reboot of a movie series, it is pretty good. Chris Pratt is doing a good acting job and the new attractions in the park area amazing. The story with the raptors that Pratt’s character Owen kind of tamed is awesome, too. I enjoyed watching the movie very much.

How did you guys like it?

Going to the Movies: Jurassic World


I went to the movies the other day. I was looking forward to see Jurassic world for months. It was good. I liked it. I heard that many weren’t too impressed with it but I didn’t expect anything huge like LOTR or Avatar. It’s Jurassic park! There a tons of previous movies about it. It’s hard to come up with something new. I mean the theme is always the same: dinosaurs kill people. People run away. 

I personally think they did a good job with the movie. It’s entertaining! Was about time to give us another Jurrasic movie!