Christmas on a tropical island

Check out this article about Christmas on Okinawa, if you are thinking about a little winter trip to Japan or if you are interested in what there is to do on a tropical island in December.


A free Japanese class in Okinawa

Hi everyone! 

Check out this Blog post about improving your life and integration into the community though learning the language! It’s so vital to be a part of what’s going on around you through learning Japanese when living in Japan. 

A night at a resort for 50 bucks…

Okinawa is the Hawaii of Japan. I love living here and one of the winters I was able to hang out at a super fancy hotel for only 50$. I was so stoked. My friend found a deal for the Okuma Beach Resort hotel online. I wrote about this cool hotel stay in my Okuma Resort Review on Taiken. Check it out if you like.

How to fix your broken Makup: Tutorial

Hi everyone!

Check out this simple tutorial on how to fix your broken blush, eye shadow or bronzer. I dropped my favorite one the other day and luckily found a cool life hack on pinterest on how to mend it back together. Enjoy and let me know what you think or if you would like some more tutorials on stuff like this!

Pomegranate tea

I got this korean tea from Kaldi’s coffee, my favorite store. It has tons of import stuff, i love it.


Okinawa trip




Check out the beauty of Okinawa! Okinawa is the most southern prefecture of Japan and is known to be the most Americanized part of the country because of all the military bases down there. We took a trip to Nago, Okinawa’s north to visit friends. Check out the beautiful sky and the awesome Milk tea I picked up at the store.

Nice thank you card from my friends


I joined a friend’s wedding this summer in Germany and they sent me a Thank you card all the way from Germany! So great!

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