The biggest lunch 

Look at my friend’s incredible lunch set at a Shokudo (食堂). It cost 650¥ and filled him right up. Soba as a side, fried pork (Katsu), Egg, rice, beef. It looks so delicious!   


Hakata Ramen

I was able to try the famous Hakata Ramen the other day. Tonkotsu ramen started in Fukuoka I heard, and the first Tonkotsu ramen was made in Hakata. I went to the Ramen stadium in Canal city the other day and got to try it! Delicious!!!!


Man & Woman flavored Ramen



Me and my friends stopped by my favorite Ramen noodle store the other day. Tondou Ramen serves Man and women flavored Ramen. Wow, that’s sounds weird, huh?

No worries, no cannibalism here. Woman-flavored Ramen (Onna aji ramen 女味) are salt broth based and taste a lot lighter than Man- flavored Ramen (otoko aji ramen 男味) which are porkbone broth based. I like the Man- flavored Ramen more so I got the lunch set that day, that came with rice and gyoza!

My obsession #7: Ramen


Japanese ramen are the best and I love them! I wish they had legit and authentic ramen back in Europe!

A leap of faith

Oh man! I love trying new things! Even if I am disappointed in the end! I committed to trying out new ramen cups and I was disappointed so far. This cup looked good but it had a weird taste to it. It’s shoyu (soy sauce) based. ぜんぜんすきじゃない!zen zen suki janai! Didn’t like it at all. But is okay because I want to try out new things and make experiences. What is conformity good for? You feel save, right? You know you will like the cup of ramen you always get- but what if there is one way better out there? What if not? Well, than you know at least for sure! Cause you searched all opportunities out! My encouragement for this week: try out new things!


Udon noodles

Well yeah… I’m eating noodles a lot lately. My last 2 posts were about noodles too!

Me and my friends went to a good and cheap udon shop! Udon noodles are a lot thicker than ramen and are served with a lighter soup. You can use the noodles for some other dishes too! Delicious!




Ramen… Ramen…

We went out for a lot Ramen lately! The first pic shows one of my least favorite ramen. It was Soy sauce ramen (which is actually a good base broth, but the restaurant didnt make a good taste out of it).

The second picture shows one of my favorite ramen- it’s pig bone broth based- very delicious!



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