Book review: Warm Bodies (No spoilers)

Even though I am not a big Gore fan, I do like Zombie apocalypse books and movies if they are not too scary. I started reading Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion and it was good! I would definitely be interested in watching the movie, even though I heard it’s not as good as the book. Warm Bodies portays the Zombie apocalypse from the un-dead’s side. A Zombie named “R” meets a girl named Julie and falls in love with her. A pretty interesting story. Check it out!


TV Show: DC’s Supergirl | Flash Crossover


Gotta be honest here: I started watching DC’s Supergirl just because a crossover with DC’s Flash was announced (Flash is my current favorite show, even though season 2 has so many breaks between it’s episodes it is quite frustrating).

To be honest, Supergirl is entertaining at times but I get rather bored by the fight scenes. I like the scenes where she is Kara or tries to conceal her identity but I have seen so many versions of Superman that I favor him over Supergirl. Clark only sometimes appears and you never see his face. Sure, CW  doesn’t want to meddle with other DC stuff or the movies that are out and the show is not about him but Kara.

When the Supergirl/ Flash crossover came around I was surprised to see how they resolved the DC universe issue. You guys might know that there are lots of other shows exiciting like Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Flash but neither of them mention Supergirl in any way or that they have a Superman.

Barry Allen appears in Supergirl’s National City, rather confused by her not knowing who he is and being very irritated by the fact that she is an alien. The solution: As he is training to get faster in order to beat Zoom, he is actually so fast that he breaches the connection between the earths and enters into another earth, let’s call it Earth 3.

There are no Meta Humans, no Starlabs, no super heros or vigilantes on Earth 3 other than Supergirl and Superman. So Barry can basically reveal his identity to everyone without risking too much. He helps out Kara and then runs back to Earth 1 by the end of the episode. That episode itself was fun to watch.





Audio Book: The Scorch Trials


The Scorch Trials was a phenomial book! It is the second book of the Maze Runner series and it is as good, if not even better than the first book. I enjoyed listening to it very much. If you like Hunger Games like books, this is a series you need to check out!

Here is the story: The gladers escaped the deathly maze. Only 20 out of 50 boys survived but the peace doesn’t last long. As they were rescued and brought to safety Thomas and his friends soon find out that the creators of the Maze arranged everything to go into the second part of the experiment, the Scorch trials. The boys now must travel through a blazing hot desert, trying to survive heat, assassins, crazy zombie-like people and finding out little by little that nobody can be trusted. They meet new friends and foes and face challenges that take the lives of many and need all the courage the boys have in order to survive. 

Great book! I am listening to the 3rd book in the series now: The Death Cure