Star Wars Rogue One at Rycom Movie theater

Gonna be honest, the movie ticket prizes in Japan are pretty savage. 1700¥ for a ticket. No matter what time or movie. If you want to enjoy 3D it’s even more, 1900¥. But seriously: it was worth it seeing the new Star Wars movie!! It was great! Go check it out, if you are contemplating on going. I looked for an eigakan (jpn for movie theater) that played it in English with Japanese subs so I would be able to understand everything and Rycom mall had a showing at night. Didn’t regret spending the money! 


Mugi-cha & Salt bread

My snack the other day as I was out, shopping. Wheat-tea and a yummy salty bread roll. There was actually salt on the top and salty butter inside.

Good bread is hard to find in Japan but many supermarkets have bakeries now that make fresh breads so you do not have to go to the expensive bakeries. Try checking out the newer Malls, especially Aeon!