Wistful perfume is strangely comforting…

For some reason this new perfume my mom gave me is very comforting. The scent is mild and light but feminine and elegant. It’s from France. I wonder where I know it from.


Body Shop | White Musk Eau de Toilette

I’ve always wanted this! Walking past the colorful Body Shops in Japan with countless displays of nice smelling and exotic lotions and parfums.

 I always wanted this Eau de toilette. It smells warm and comforting but is light and not heavy at the same time. The scent fades after a while and stays as a comfortable nice smelling scent, which I like. I’m not a fan of giving someone a hug that wears heavy parfum and then smelling like this person and having the scent in my nose the whole evening.

This Eau se toilette is the perfect balance.

Christina Aguilera Parfum 


My Sisters gave this to me for my birthday, I love it! It smells so good!

Primark Ps Love Eau de toilette


I found this Eau the toilette at Primark. I love the scent. It was only a few Euro. There were other scents but this one was the best. I don’t think it lasts a long time. The few times I always wore it, it wore off pretty quickly. It’s sad when you have a good scent and it doesn’t last. But this one is just an Eau the toilette and not a parfum. So all’ good!