TV Series: Firefly

I just stared Firefly, and older series with Nathan Fillion. I’m just one episode in, so I can’t say how the whole series is but I heard it gets very good. I’m excited! 



“Last Chirstmas”- Best 12th Doctor Moment



I’m going to be honest. Season 8 of Doctor Who didn’t blow me away. But we know, the new Doctor’s usual have a rough start (except for David Tennant maybe). Peter Capaldi’s acting is great but the writing wasn’t all that great in the 12th Doctor’s first season.

I was anticipating the Christmas Special, but was not expecting much out of the ordinary. But wow, the episode was the best out of the whole season, in my humble opinion! “Last Christmas” has the feel of David Tennant episodes, with twists and turns, dangerous alians that suck on your brain and lure you into a weird dream phantasies. I loved the Christmas special and I enjoyed it most out of all the season 8 adventures (even though the one with the Mummy on the Orient Express was cool, too).

Watch it, if you get the chance!