The Japanese Carbonara Spagetti

Look at this beauty! I wanted to go for a pasta dish the other day when I met up for lunch with my friends at Joyfull. The Joyfull chain restaurants serve a whole lot of deliciousness and this was my first Carbonara Spagetti outside of Europe. It was quite good and the egg on top was quite different from what I am used to.


The Japanese cream pasta miracle 

 Let’s face it. As Europeans it’s fairly hard to find satisfying pasta in Japan. We are used to the Italian Pasta and it’s very though to match that. I don’t usually eat pasta dishes in Japanese restaurants, not without salt and pepper anyways.

Then I went to Ondish, a restaurant located in Naha, Okinawa and a friend told me to her their cream pasta and chicken. And I gotta say, this one was actually delicious and I was very happy with my choice!