Wistful perfume is strangely comforting…

For some reason this new perfume my mom gave me is very comforting. The scent is mild and light but feminine and elegant. It’s from France. I wonder where I know it from.


Parfum: 007 James Bond for Women

I’m obsessed with this Perfume. I was at a drug store and heard girls talk about this perfume, saying that it was so great and that they loved it: so I took a sample and carried the sample strip around with me all day. And when I smelled at it at night time the scent was still so warm and full, I had to get it for myself, even though I am also obsessed with the Christina Aguilera series of perfumes. 

My Valentine…

As you guys might know: Valentines is a big deal in Japan. My Valentine this year was my bed! I was bed ridden with fever for 3 days and basically didn’t see anything of any Valentines festivities. The most updates on the VD I got was over Facebook and Instagram. But I was able to catch up on some of the shows I’ve been wanting to see and finish. I’ll introduce them to you guys later. 

Another good thing happened before I got sick: my friend gave me this Coconut hand cream from The Body Shop. I waned a hand cream from that store for so long but didn’t want to spend 10 bucks on it. Now I got one for free. Super happy!   


The Purikura lie

Purikura Boxes are Japanese photo booths. Check this picture out! It makes white people look like Barbies. The Japanese beauty ideal is everything a European doesn’t want to be: pale! We added the stars and the bow ties. But the rest comes from the machine!

Hair frizz killer from Schwarzkopf

If anyone is living in humid areas this one is the perfect pick for frizzy hair. I picked it up in Germany and didn’t think much of the design. But it is Schwarzkopf, a very good and expensive brand in Germany so I thought it might help to calm my hair in Okinawa where the humidity is usually around 70-80%. Combined with some hairspray to set the hairstyle this cream works WONDERS! It’s my favorite!



New Doctor Tees

I wonder if this is too whovian… I got these on sale online. I love ’em but I still gotta wash them before I wear ’em



Japanese style

These are some really girly shoes! I bought them at Shinamura the other day. They were on late for 1800yen (12€). I have never worn shoes like that but I’m excited to try it out. Those shoes are daily fashion wear for many Japanese girls. Asians dress up!

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