After Lunch pick me up

I’m so tired you guys… Drinking some good Earl Grey and snacking on some German choco helps a little.   


Approaching Christmas

 I just got out of the busy days and now enjoy my holidays. I’m still working here and there but mainly have free time which is super nice. A friend of mine gave me and the girls a Yankee candle. It smells so good! We light it now and then to get into the Christmas mood. I drink Christmas spiced teas and listen to Christmas music around the clock to embrace the season. Okinawa itself is not very Christmassy so you gotta make the best out of it!

Feeling English this Christmas 

You don’t know what a joy it is to drink tea out of a tea cup until you live in Asia or America. The other day I attended an English Christmas tea party and felt really European again. Look at the cute cup! I wish I had one for myself!



Tea with granny

My gran invited me over for tea. It was great to catch up!


New English Breakfast Tea



I got the earl grey last time and it was very good. The tea is expensive- 20bags for 500¥ but it’s delicious so I got another one. I share the box with my roomie and we split the cost

Pomegranate tea

I got this korean tea from Kaldi’s coffee, my favorite store. It has tons of import stuff, i love it.


Lychee Lipton Tea


I found this at Hakata station the other day and tried it. Not much of a fan I gotta say. But I like trying new things!!!

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