A free Japanese class in Okinawa

Hi everyone! 

Check out this Blog post about improving your life and integration into the community though learning the language! It’s so vital to be a part of what’s going on around you through learning Japanese when living in Japan. 


Be as efficient as you can be today


It is so hard to be productive during the day. Especially when you sit for a long time, when you are using your computer a lot and the work seems to be super overwhelming. I often spend hours and hours sitting on my laptop, writing and studying for classes. Here are some tips that help me boost my productivity and creativity:

1. A good cup of yumminess

Whether you like tea, coffe, soda or water, it is always good to have a cup or class of your favorite drink beside you when you need to tackle a hard study session. It motivates you when you know you can sip on a yummy drink or snack on your favorite sweet. Treat yourself when you need to knock out those pages. Perfect are drinks or snacks that can give you the energy to do your work. A whole bar of chocolate or a big bag of chips will only slow you down and make you feel guilty

2. A change of scenery

I love studying at cafes, Starbucks, libraries or restaurants (if they allow me). A change of environment can give you new creative thoughts and energy. When I need some fresh thoughts I usually walk down to the nearest cafe or sit outside.

3. Take a break

I know, it sounds like a sin to take a break when you are under dead line stress, but your brain can function so much better if you give yourself a little coffee or chat break. I usually go and make myself some tea or coffee and chat with whoever I meet on my way there. But you should avoid going on social media or watching TV, if you don’t your motivation to drop. That’s my next point.

4. Stay off of Facebook

Do not have the Facebook tab open, put away your phone, don’t start an episode of your favorite show to relax inbetween study sessions. It can ruin your swing entirely. You get distracted, meet that old friend online, you chat your time away, look at cat pictures and boom, a precious hour is gone. I know, this one is a hard one, but if you follow this rule, you can count on productivity

5. Just do it!

We have tasks we absolutely detest and avoid. And they linger in our minds and give us a bad feeling. We tend to do all sorts of other things like organizing our closets, framing pictures and re-arranging furniture just to avoid these tasks that we procrastinate about. Stop it, right now! Go get at it! You have to tackle hard tasks! It will leave you satisfied when you have conquered them!

6. Make a To-do List

Lists are great to help you keep track of what is important and what needs to be done. Checking off things that you have accomplished, help you feel productive and proud of yourself. It’s okay to put silly things on there like: “Getting ready for work”, “empty trash can” or “making a to-do list”. We know, we do these things anyway. Why put them on a list? Because everything you check off of that list will leave you satisfied. It is also important to set realistic goals. So instead of “finishing this and this project today”, put “covering chapter 3 and 4” on your list. If you get past the chapters you assigned yourself, you even get ahead and that boosts your feeling of accomplishment.

Well, that is all I have for right now. I just got done with a big study session and make a coffe now to reward myself. Oh yeah: Point 7!

7. Reward yourself

Plan a night on the couch, a great cup of Starbucks or your favorite Donut as a reward for accomplished tasks. Those will motive you to stay on it!

Have a productive day today!

~~~ Lisa ~~~

Tea with granny

My gran invited me over for tea. It was great to catch up!


“Last Chirstmas”- Best 12th Doctor Moment



I’m going to be honest. Season 8 of Doctor Who didn’t blow me away. But we know, the new Doctor’s usual have a rough start (except for David Tennant maybe). Peter Capaldi’s acting is great but the writing wasn’t all that great in the 12th Doctor’s first season.

I was anticipating the Christmas Special, but was not expecting much out of the ordinary. But wow, the episode was the best out of the whole season, in my humble opinion! “Last Christmas” has the feel of David Tennant episodes, with twists and turns, dangerous alians that suck on your brain and lure you into a weird dream phantasies. I loved the Christmas special and I enjoyed it most out of all the season 8 adventures (even though the one with the Mummy on the Orient Express was cool, too).

Watch it, if you get the chance!