Okinawan Folklore | The Ryukyu Kingdom’s kings…


Hi guys,

have you heard of the ancient folklores revolving around the Ryukyu kings of Okinawa? Here is an article I wrote, about the ancient stories revolving around the Goddess that came down to Ryukyu and was forced to marry…

It’s  on, a Japanese/English travelblog. Check it out.



Going somewhere for the Holidays?

Hi everyone!

What are your plans for the holidays? Living in Japan makes visiting family and friends who live oversees a bit hard, I know that all too well. But maybe it’s time for you to take this Christmas vacation to see another part of Japan. Okinawa for example :). No snow here, right now it feels like a mild fall. I wrote an article about Budget Airlines in Japan on the travelblog Taiken. Check it out if you like!

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