Tv Show: Downton Abbey

Wow, I remember starting this show when I was home on vacation in Germany in July! I actually finished the whole series! It was good but often pretty long. There are a lot of characters in the show and they focus on each one of them.

If you love the Twenties and history, definitely check out Downton Abbey. It has a bit of a Pride and Prejudice feel (one of the characters actually refers to Elizabeth Bennett), but with a more modern feel. You can see the characters reaction to political happenings, new inventions coming into their lives (like the telephone), new styles arriving and how the woman gets more and more independent in the world of the twenties. 


Review on ‘The Office’ | American version

I’m finally done with watching the Office. I really liked the show and I was excited to go through it. Parks and Recreation is probably still my favorite but the Office really emphasizes the normal workplace many people go to every day and it shows you how much fun you can have in a mediocre day. Parks and Rec doesn’t really show a simple and mundane work life. It’s a bit different. I am very interested in starting up the British Office now! 

But hey, next week the new Flash Season starts!!! I’m not even missing Doctor Who, which pauses for a while because the writer is arranging his last season. We will see how Doctor Who turns out next year!

TV Show: Daredevil

I started Marvel’s Daredevil the other day after I finished Firefly. I’m just one episode in but I like it so far. I heard the his one is much better than the movie that came out years ago.

Review: Firefly & Serenity



Many people told me this was a great show, one of the best Science Fiction series ever made. Everyone I talked to was dissapointed that this show was cancelled and I can see why. The series was made in the early 2000s, but was cut after only one season. Firefly unites Science Fiction and Western and follows a crew of a spaceship named Sirenity.


I started watching Firefly a few weeks ago and finished off with the movie and I agree: there is much potential and I am very  glad they made the movie to wrap everything up and tie loose ends- But I am still kinda bummed Mal and Inara didn’t get together. I guess it was not really meant to be just yet. She stays on the ship for now.

Another thing that I thought was sad, was that Wash died. I always liked his character. I know that if Jayne would have been killed, people would have not cared so much and it is true: In war our friends and family die and Zoe, as the worrier that she is, is strong enough to bear it.

I am not overly bummed there are not more seasons, since I already know it got chancelled early. It’s a good series and they could have done so much more with it, but the excisting episodes are all great and very interesting. If you lice well made and good written Sci-Fi, check this one out!

TV Series: Firefly

I just stared Firefly, and older series with Nathan Fillion. I’m just one episode in, so I can’t say how the whole series is but I heard it gets very good. I’m excited! 


Tv series: Smallville

Christmas is here!!!! And I am done with watching Smallville. It was a long run but I think I will count this series among my top five most favorite Tv Shows. Seasons 5-7 weren’t that great but when more DC heros and villains were appearing and Lana Lang was finally out of the picture I started to enjoy it again. They did write the show well. It kept you watching. 


I was bummed when Pa Kent died. I didn’t wanna believe he was gone for quite a while. It was hard on Clark. I liked how the series ended though and that Clark found a close friend in Oliver Queen. I’m always a fan of Green Arrow and I’m excited that he stayed until the end. For a time Clark was just surrounded by girls- especially when Pete decided to move and Lex turned (completely) bad. So it was good seeing him with some company- especially from the Justice leage and the watch tower gang. 

My favorite episode wa probably when Clark got teleported into his own future. It was fun to see how he would turn out and that it gave him hope.

So what’s next? I’m definately hooked on Superhero shows so I think I will try the series Arrow next. I got introduced to Green Arrow through Smallville for th first time so I want to check out his story.

I wish you all a great Christmas! I hope you have a great time with friends and family! 

Parks & Rec Finale

I just finished Parks & Recreation! The show ended a while ago but I hadn’t gotten around to watching Parks & Rec until recently. I started because I heard it was funny and I was seeing all these hilarious pics on Pinterest about it.

A few hours ago I watched the final episode of season 7 and I am happy with how things ended. I am also glad, that they are not dragging on the show (how they seem to do it with Castle- seriously: I don’t have the motivation to watch anymore, even though I love the characters and the show).  

I don’t want to spoil it for you so go ahead and watch the show! The episodes are short, about 20min each so it’s easy to watch on a little break